Deutsch - Africa
Business & Cultural Fair 2023

NH Frankfurt Airport West & Rebtockpark, Frankfurt Germany

Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th August

On the first day of the event in Frankfurt, the schedule includes various activities for the guests and participants. Here's a breakdown of the day's events:

  • Arrival of Guests and Participants: Attendees will be arriving in Frankfurt from various locations.
  • Check-in at the Official Event Hotels and Other Hotels: Upon arrival, guests and participants will check in at their respective hotels. The official event hotels are prearranged for the convenience of the attendees.
  • Organized Sightseeing in Frankfurt: For interested registered members only, there will be an organized sightseeing tour in Frankfurt. This allows participants to explore the city and experience its attractions. Details about the specific sights and the duration of the tour will be provided to registered members.
  • Press Conference Photo Session: A press conference will be held, providing an opportunity for media personnel to gather information and ask questions about the event. During the press conference, there will also be a photo session for capturing images of the event's key participants and speakers.
  • Cocktail Night and Networking: In the evening, there will be a cocktail night and networking session for all attendees. This event aims to facilitate interactions and networking opportunities among the participants. Please note that the expenses for the cocktail night and networking event are self-payment, meaning attendees are responsible for covering their own costs associated with food and beverages during the Cocktail Night.

Overall, the first day of the event in Frankfurt includes check-in, sightseeing, press conference, and a networking evening, allowing guests and participants to get acquainted and engage with one another.

Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony sets the tone for the entire event. It typically includes welcoming remarks, speeches by dignitaries, and performances that showcase the cultural aspects of the region or the theme of the fair. The second day will however focus mainly on Business Pitches, Presentations, Business Networking and Exhibitions.

  • Address and Presentations: This segment provides an opportunity for influential individuals to deliver speeches or presentations on relevant topics related to business, culture, and policy. These addresses can offer insights, share knowledge, and inspire the attendees.
  • Face-to-Face Business Meetings with Royal Fathers and Policy Makers: This part of the fair facilitates direct interactions between business representatives, royal figures, and policymakers. It enables participants to engage in meaningful discussions, explore potential partnerships or collaborations, and seek guidance from the distinguished individuals present.
  • Exhibition: The exhibition is a key component of the fair, offering a platform for businesses, organizations, artisans, and cultural representatives to showcase their products, services, and cultural artifacts. It allows attendees to explore diverse offerings, learn about different industries, and engage in networking opportunities.

The third day will feature German-Africa Cultural Festival featuring Adire-Kente- Akwa-Ocha Carnival / Parade that promises to be an exciting and enriching experience, blending the aesthetics, traditions, and heritage of Nigeria and other west African countries.

  • Many participants and performers will dress in Adire, Kente, and Akwa-Ocha, which are traditional textile art forms from Nigeria and Ghana, to adds a vibrant and colorful aspect to the festival.
  • The carnival as expected will also involve dance performances, music, and other forms of artistic expression that highlight the diversity and richness of both German and African cultures.
  • Members of Nigerians and Ghana royals will be participating in the festival. Their presence will add sense of grandeur and historical significance to the event, creating an opportunity for cultural exchange and learning.

This Awards are presented to notable and outstanding sons and daughters of Africa whose work impact positively on Africa and its people as well as outstanding individuals and corporate entities of non-African descent whose work positively contribute to changing perception about Africa and address the core issues of Africa heritage and values, justice, and development.

  • The Award Night is an occasion to celebrate their achievements and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. The evening will include speeches, presentations, and performances to highlight the accomplishments of the awardees and create a memorable experience for all attendees.
  • Overall, the Business Dinner & African Living Legend Award Night is a prestigious and inspiring event that brings together accomplished individuals, celebrates their achievements, and serves as a platform for networking, fostering collaborations, and encouraging future leaders in Africa.
  • Prominent recipient of the African Diaspora Living Legend Award includes Dr. Peter Tschentscherthe, the Governor of Hamburg and Senate President; Dr. Joy Alemazung, Mayor of the city of Heubach, Germany; Dr. Pierrette Herzberger Fofana, Green Member of European Parliament, Brussels; Dr. Karamba Diaby (MdB), first black African member of German Federal Parliament; Elombo Bolayela (MdBB), first black African Members of Parliament city of Bremen); Prof. Enyeribe Anyanwu, MD, PhD, FWACS, FACA Emeritus Professor of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Muenster, Germany; Prof. Charles Yankah, German Heart Institute Berlin and member Pan-African Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (PASCATS) to mention but a few.

Business & Cultural Fair 2023 Plan

The Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023, attendees will have the chance to experience a blend of business-related activities, cultural displays, and knowledge sharing. The fair aims to foster connections, promote cultural exchange, and create opportunities for economic growth.

The Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023 will cover the following key areas:


Encouraging Private Sector Investment in Agro processing

Improving agricultural supply and value chains in Animal husbandry, Poultry and, Diary Farming

Encouraging Smart Farming, digitalization, and process optimization using ICT

Provide Diaspora Investment in Real Estate, Culture & Tourism

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Sponsors Benefits

Official Business & Cultural Fair 2023    
Video/Documentary/Commercial every day of the Event 10 Minutes 5 Minutes 3 Minutes  
Speaking Opportunity on both days and at Business Award Dinner  
Full page advert in Conference program and brochure
Branding in Event materials  
Signage on podium      
Logo on all Conference materials  
One on One opportunities with Royal Fathers and State Governors Royal Fathers
Brand display on event website
Exhibition stand 9m x 2m 6m x 2m 6m x 2m 3m x 2m
Rooms at NH Frankfurt Airport West 6 Rms 4 Rms 3 Rms 2 Rms