Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023, Frankfurt Germany

The Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023 is a significant event that aims to foster business and cultural exchange between Africa and Germany. The fair is proud to welcome distinguished guests, including Royal Fathers/Mothers, who are considered the Progenitors of the black race. Additionally, policy makers and Nigerian Heads of Mission in Europe will be in attendance.

The fair provides a platform for networking and collaboration among various stakeholders. African and German agro-business enthusiasts, financial institutions that incorporate the Diaspora, young farmers, smallholder farmers, academics, entrepreneurs, and supply chain managers will have the opportunity to interact and form connections.

One of the key objectives of the fair is to leverage the vast knowledge and skills of the Diaspora. Royals and policy makers will engage with the Diaspora to explore project consultancy, technical partnerships, networking, and bilateral cooperation. This collaboration is particularly crucial in fields such as Law, Accounting, Mining, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Information Communication Technology, Travel & Tourism, Transportation, Real Estate, infrastructure engineering, macroeconomics, water management, and public health. By aligning with the economic growth policies of various administrations, this collaboration aims to drive economic development and progress.

Overall, the Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023 serves as a platform for cross- cultural exchange, economic partnerships, and knowledge sharing, bringing together stakeholders from Africa and Germany to promote mutual growth and cooperation.

Deutsch - Africa Investment Relationship

The Federal Republic of Germany is the largest single market in the EU. Furthermore, the German-speaking area of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland referred to as DACH- constitute the biggest and strongest market on the European continent. Priorities of development cooperation with Nigeria and west Africa include sustainable economic development, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, vocational training and employment (Germany Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Nigeria is one of the strongest economies in Africa and home to numerous innovative and successful companies and institutions that are renowned global players. Nigeria’s agricultural sector employs nearly 70% of the population and comprises nearly 22% of GDP. Nigeria possesses an abundance of arable land and a favorable climate for production of nuts, fruits, tubers, and grains. Most farming in Nigeria is subsistence based, utilizing manual labor and relatively little agricultural machinery (Nigeria - Country Commercial Guide, International Trade Administration U.S. Department of Commerce). Nigeria continues to provide great investment potentials on several agricultural products, including poultry, beef, pork, and rice, etc.

Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023 is about creating an agricultural ecosystem for African and German agro-business enthusiasts, financial institutions that incorporates Diaspora, young farmers, small holder farmers, academics, entrepreneurs, supply chain managers to build partnerships that contribute to current developments in agribusiness and improve food security and sustainability while promoting our cultural history and values which has a great influence on our land use system.

The Deutsch - Africa Business & Cultural Fair 2023 is therefore envisaged to providing opportunity to deepen Deutsch-Africa business relationship in the areas of Agro business, tourism & Real Estate and cultural exchange with the West Africa Countries, especially Nigeria. The Event, “Business meet Culture” will provide opportunity to meet and engage with each other, attract possible clients and likely development partners, and launch long-term business and cultural partnerships for economic development.


The Business & Cultural Fair will provide you with an ideal platform for business matchmaking to meet the people who really matter to you and your business. You will showcase your products and services directly to multiplicators, your most important potential clients as well as reinforce your commitment to the market and to your existing contacts, thereby enabling a synergy of sectoral networks between Businesses and the Diaspora population.

The event will provide a huge platform for knowledge sharing, business networking for Business & Cultural Fair participants as we revel a spirit of oneness as a country and tap into the immense available talents and contributions of the Diaspora community.

The Business & Cultural Fair 2023 has been designed with a format that enables registered delegates identify partnering opportunities and pre-arrange private one-on-one meetings with representatives of registered firms or participants hence selecting the most suitable potential partners.